Babolat Satelite Synchro Badminton Racket

The Babolat Satelite Synchro is packed with an abundance of technological features to provide players with optimum handling and control.

Satelite technology, an innovative and aerodynamic frame design combined with special cone shaped grommets enables the string bed to offer increased power and added responsiveness. An 8mm Slim Frame, compared to a standard 12mm frame, optimizes aerodynamics and maneuverability for quicker racket head speed, whilst a pioneering Kevlar “V Shaped” Pilot System reduces rackets torsion to a very low three degrees resulting in high precision.

Babolat’s innovative 20/21 stringing pattern with no shared holes, compared to a more traditional 22/23 stringing pattern, allows players to gain more spin and feel from the frame, as well as allowing a 30% reduction in stringing time as there is one string per grommet.

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